Wilco: Jesus etc. Mijo Biscan Cover

Hi there,

I came to this band quite late. Then I heard a friend of mine doing a great cover of it and it floored me.

The yearning ambiguity of the lyrics and visual references to tall buildings shaking, smoke, orbits, cigarettes... somehow build a heartfelt scene where things are beautiful, but they're not as they seem.

Ultimately, I decided to learn it and included it in my shows all across Europe whilst on tour.

I can't tour right now, so here it is for you. I hope you love it too.

I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

Do you like this song? What did it make you think/feel/remember/imagine?

Big love,



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GOLDEN MOMENT by Mijo Biscan

Listen to the full album here.

I quit my job to make music like this.

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