Why I Quit! (Like an angry panda)

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I’m not good at quitting things. You? I tend to stick with it, even when things suck. That’s been a huge positive in my life... It’s allowed me to build a skill in singing, playing guitar and song-writing, keep making music when it’s hard, get a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, have only cold showers for the last 15 months, eat a plant based diet for 17 years, stay in an uncomfortable conversation when I want to storm out. Sticking with it yields so many positive outcomes. But… it has also kept me stuck in places that don’t serve me anymore. Relationships, conversations, education, dud songs, books I should have abandoned, commitments I should have pulled out of and most of all a job that I stopped loving. So, I quit my lovely, comfortable, excellent paying job with terrific colleagues that brought my parents the status and pride they’d hoped for. Then I leapt off a cliff that gave me no guarantee of anything. I quit to become a musician. When you exchange something that’s not serving you (and you know it deep down), for something you truly love (and you know it deep down), everything in your being comes into alignment. I still find it hard to quit some of the lame things I do. But that's human. From time to time I do an inventory and ask myself “What can I quit that frees me up to do more of what I love?” “Am I doing that out of fear/worry/others expectations? Or am I doing that because I love it?” Anything come to mind for you? Please send me an email. I’d love to hear your quitting stories! 😊

When a musician quits their job, an angel gets their wings.

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GOLDEN MOMENT by Mijo Biscan

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I quit my job to make music like this.

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