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Why I love all musicians (even the ones I love to hate)

Pic: Nash The Slash

I actually don’t hate any musicians. There are just some easy targets who almost seem to invite taking pot-shots at (Nash The Slash above is not one of them in my opinion). Even with super famous, slightly douchey artists, I give them full credit for who they have become and the what they’ve accomplished.

Here’s why I love all musicians…

1. We’re more alike in our aims and intentions than we are different. We’re all out here doing our best to make our best work and share it with an audience. That’s easier said than done. Every musician in the arena doing that deserves a hi-five.

2. I know the day-to-day challenges involved. From discipline in moving things forward, bringing something forth from your mind into the physical world, time constraints, distractions, self-doubt, financial situations. Anyone moving through those same challenges deserves to be acknowledged and cheered on.

3. To develop a creative skill takes time, and patience, and passion, and heart. Anyone who has committed enough time to their craft to be doing it in earnest has my respect.

4. There is a kinship and a brother/sisterhood all musicians have. There is a common instinctual knowing when you meet another creator. As much as I’d love friends and family to ‘get’ what I’m doing, it’s almost an impossible and irrational pursuit to explain. There is something quite different about being a musician and needing to do it. When you dive into conversation with another artist, it’s like finding a long-lost tribe you belong to that you didn’t know existed.

5. Competition doesn’t come into frame when we connect on the commonality artists share. I want to see others win. I want to make it easier for them if I can. Whenever an artist needs help, I’m there to share contacts, resources, tips, equipment. Many have been there for me too. It makes for a virtuous upward cycle of supporting and being supported.

To all the musicians out there… 🙌

For a weird and wonderful musical treat that I do love, check out Nash The Slash’s track Deadman’s Curve.

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