We've Got The Numbers by Mijo Biscan - Live At Northcote Social Club

We've Got The Numbers becomes more relevant by the day. It's about unity. That when we get together with like-minded individuals for a common cause, we can affect the change we seek to make any time we choose.

We don't need to wait for anything or anyone to start being better humans, communicating compassionately and making personal choices that make us and others more free.

I've put the lyrics under the video so you can follow along.

This was recorded live at the Golden Moment album launch at Northcote Social Club.

I hope you enjoy it.

Let me know your thoughts. Scroll down and leave me a comment below.

We’ve got the numbers

We wander aimless and afraid

Of our shadows, floods and our graves

Coz we just can’t explain it any other way

Now how can you expect to be saved

When you surrounded yourself with other slaves?

The few are only our masters because we let them be

We’ve got the numbers

Bring them out into the street

We’ve got the numbers

The giant has awoken from its sleep. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

For us to enter the bright future where people are free to become who they truly are, you must see through the illusion and know that you are not ruled by any person or force beyond you. Your true self calls you forward now. Together, we’ve got the numbers.

Then a man came and lifted you above his head

By the simple words that he said

His hopeful hymn put you under a hypnotic servile sleep

When this god sang the song you’ve longed to hear

That he’ll absolve you of all of your fear

You started to hear whatever you wanted to believe

We’ve got the numbers

Bring them out into the street

We’ve got the numbers

This giant has awoken from its sleep

We’ve got the numbers

Drop your weapon, get on your knees.

We’ve got the numbers

Your power ruse has been revealed.

Revealed. Revealed. Revealed.


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