Twin Flame - Live Acoustic Version

You’re the only song that I’ve ever known.

You’re the only song I ever pick up on my little radio.

I had fallen from grace. A vagabond in the desolate landscape of being alone, un-partnered and isolated.

As I sat on my broken office chair, I gazed out the window with a melancholy, sheepish stare. After my recent break up I’d been spending a lot of time on my own. With my housemates mostly out at their day jobs, this beautiful big house resounded with emptiness. And so did I. I was feeling sorry for myself. I was reflecting on my selfish choices, wishing I could transcend myself and give more to a lover.

In the distance, outside my bedroom window towards the river, a flaming sunset was dropping into the horizon with the Melbourne skyline in silhouette. The kind of sunset that satisfies something deeply human. It made me present and connected.

The colours of the vast open sky lit up an internal sunset of emotion. A spectrum of blended colours that triggered an internal vision of my own emotion.

It enlightened a landscape of how I was feeling. Like when one side of a Rorschach creates the mirror image on the other side. When taken in its totality, induces an insight and intuition that was hitherto undetected.

This sense of unity made me ponder this connection and if it were possible between lovers. Was there a sunset out there that would trigger my own personal sunset?

I wondered if I could be a sunset that could enter the eye of my future lover and trigger a sunset in them. Enliven them. Give them insight, connection, passion, courage, self-belief and a sense of unity.

There is a concept known as being in a ‘twin flame’ relationship. It has many permutations.

This simple metaphor tells us that when we make connection with that companion flame, the light and life is drastically amplified.

Also, the light on my mullet in this clip is just sublime and worth the watch ;)

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I wanna be your eyes, I wanna be your eyes at sunset.

I wanna be your breath, your deep and heavy breath at night.

Our twin flame sparks when we meet.

We burn up in each other’s heat. Oh, we burn.

I wanna be the beat, I wanna be the beat of your heart.

I wanna be your one, the one, the one, the one you dream of.

The one you carry wherever you go.

The one true lover that you’ll ever know. You’ll ever know.

You’re the only song that I know.

You’re the only song on my radio.

You’re the only one for who I’d ever bleed.

You’re the only blood my body ever needs.

If the wind changes. If the light goes low.

The waters rise, our hands slip, and we let go.

If I lose you for a time, I’ll hold you in my mind.

Because I’m always yours and you are always mine.

You’re the only song that I’ve ever known.

You’re the only song I ever pick up on my little radio.

You’re the only one for who I’d ever bleed.

You’re the only river filling my sea.

You’re the golden light that’s setting me free.

You’re the only blood my body ever needs.


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