Twin Flame Featuring Georgia Fields - Live At Northcote Social Club

With the ubertalented Georgia Fields on board for this song, things only got better.

Twin flame is a yearning love song that I wrote while staring at a Melbourne city sunset and wondering if I'd ever find a soulmate.

When you take one candle and combine its flame with the flame of another candle, you end up creating a mega flame. A flame that is more than the sum of the singular flames.

It's a good metaphor for powerful relationships, where something new is created, yet the individuals maintain their autonomy in moments when it's needed.

I've written more deeply and more eloquently in a new book I'm about to publish. Until then, enjoy this beautiful duet and turn up the fire inside.

Check out Georgia's music HERE.

Scroll down for lyrics so you can sing along. 🧑‍🎤🎵

This was recorded live at the Golden Moment album launch at Northcote Social Club. Listen to the entire album here and get a signed copy.

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I wanna be your eyes, I wanna be your eyes at sunset.

I wanna be your breath, your deep and heavy breath at night

Our twin flame sparks when we meet

We burn up in each other’s heat. Oh we burn.

I wanna be the beat, I wanna be the beat of your heart

I wanna be your one, the one, the one, the one you dream of

The one that holds you wherever you go

The one true lover you’ll ever know. You’ll ever know.

You’re the only song that I know

You’re the only song on my radio

You’re the only one for who I’d ever bleed

You’re the only blood my body ever needs

If the wind changes. If the light goes low

The waters rise, our hands slip and we let go

If I lose you for a time, I’ll hold you in my mind

Because I’m always yours and you are always mine

You’re the only song that I’ve ever known

You’re the only song I ever pick up on my little radio

You’re the only one for who I’d ever bleed

You’re the only river filling my sea

You’re the golden light that’s setting me free

You’re the only blood my body ever needs


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Big love,


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