The Self-Driving Mind

Self-driving cars are well and truly here. We’re able to program where we want it to take us and it’ll whip us off in that direction. It’ll navigate obstacles, figure out the best way and deliver us to our destination. These will have no steering wheel. They won’t need it, because you’ll be a passenger.

You'll notice in this video. There's no-one in the drivers seat. The viewpoint is from way in the back seat. This got me thinking about being a passenger in our own minds. Few of us have set the destination and we almost never have our hands directly in contact with the wheel of where we want our mind to go. So, our mind goes wherever it wants to go and where it’s been conditioned to go. Sometimes into a ditch of self-doubt, caught in a roundabout loop of rumination, down dark alleyways of despair, dead end cul-de-sac’s, distracting detours. We can end up clipping cyclists or even someone we love with a lack of attention and careless impulses.

Our minds are all we have. That’s where our experience of reality is formulated. Many people have never made real contact with the steering wheel of their mind. They have no idea that there is a steering wheel, they’ve never seen it, never laid their hands on it to steer them in a direction that is fulfilling and meaningful, that's good for them and good for others. They become passengers only. They become lived by lower impulses. They become a prisoner of this self-driving mind.

I don’t pretend to have this figured out. I’m in the same boat (or car) as everyone else with a mind. We have more control over what we pay attention to than we might believe. We can mentally raise our hands and find the wheel, to get us off the roundabout, learn to avoid the gutter, pay attention to other fellow travellers, and get to where we truly want to go.

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