Social Mania

I have such a touch and go relationship with social media. On one hand, the connection. On the other, the chaos.

We're well aware now of the silo-ing and fragmenting of a common culture into tiny sub-niche-cults. We're in tiny groups that mostly agree 100% with those peers and disagree completely with almost everyone else.

This seems strange because I've never had a conversation with someone that I 100% disagree with. At the foundation layer, there's always things we can agree on.

Even when we're at passionate polar ends of an issue, there's a gaping middle ground that is more likely where the truth lies. It's a place if we would dare take a step from our extreme positions, we could find a pathway that moves forward, rather than just to the left of the right.

In my own attempt at balance I've been seeking out opinions I have opposed strongly. As a vegan, I sat through a 3 hour podcast on the carnivore diet and the rationale for why it has appeal to some people. My body convulsed and rejected automatically a lot of what I was hearing. Once I settled into it, I learned a lot. Not enough to sway me to chow down on entire animal, but an understanding and context for why others follow that ideology.

As an atheist I sat through an entire 8 hour lecture series on creationism.

I've done courses that were out of my 'woo-woo' comfort zone to see if there's something I might be missing.

As a non dictator evil person, I read Mein Kampf.

We think that those we disagree with are automatically wrong, ignorant and need educating without first educating ourselves on why they believe what they believe.

Righteousness feels good and is easy to attain. Understanding and having real empathy and compassion for others takes work, curiosity and listening.

I want to be heard on my beliefs, but I want to hear yours first.

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