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Oh Raven - Live Acoustic Version

Oh Raven is a song of adventure as well as the solitude and loneliness that comes with it.

Written in a remote cabin in Iceland surrounded by unspoilt nature, I saw it fitting to perform this at sunrise, up high with the birds (you can hear their cameo backing vocals) and with a gentler tempo and dynamics than what is found on the Golden Moment album.

Scroll down for lyrics so you can sing along. 🧑‍🎤🎵

The hear the album version and get yourself a signed and personalised copy of the album head on over HERE.

If you got something from this song, scroll down and let me know in the comments below.



Oh raven, how do you keep your heavy body in the air?

By only your black feathery oars and your beating chest?

You’re bobbing and breathing like a drowning boy out at sea.

You labour and you lumber against all of gravity’s favour.

Oh raven, do your eyes freeze over?

Does it give you a hurting head

To breathe all this heatless air?

Oh raven, how you do stay up there?

Oh sunrise, you are but a Technicoloured stone

You’re dreaming your way through the sky looking for your home

It’s your last skip across the universe.

It’s your giant splash, glowing your phosphorescence.

Oh sunrise, where do you get all your gold?

Why are you so hard to hold?

Oh sunrise, you and raven, oh you and raven are my only friends.


I'd love to hear from you in the comments below. Scroll down and let me know how this song made you think or feel differently.

Big love,


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