I Remember - Live At Northcote Social Club

On the cusp between dreaming and wakefulness, a feeling swirled inside my body of a dream I could not recall. The opposite of waking frightfully after a nightmare where the sweat is beading on your whole body, heart thumping, lungs lunging and eyes bulging.

On this morning the residual physiology was mare akin to a still summer dawn, soft eyes, a deep safe inhalation, a tweaked smile and a deep knowing that whatever happened in that liminal state of mind, I felt safe, loved, more than enough… adored.

It stayed with me all through the day. Nothing could erode it. I felt like I had a winning lottery ticket in my chest, and no one had the power to take it from me.

When I sat to write this song it reminded me of the power of those moments, maybe it was just one moment where we knew that we were unconditionally loved by someone or something.

I wanted to put that into song form to help you remember those moments. If you search your mind you will know that you were loved, you are loved and there will be future moments of loving that will nourish you to the centre of your being.

This was recorded live at the Golden Moment album launch at Northcote Social Club. Listen to the entire album here and get a signed copy.

If you got something from this song, scroll down and let me know in the comments below.


It’s a watery haze where little makes sense

Where your yearning is amplified through a fractured golden lens

It was our home, but it wasn’t our home, but I think it was, you know?

When I wake, I recollect the one thing that you said.

I remember you said you loved me. I remember you said, you said.

You wade into the lake and you disappeared inside

I searched in tow until I reached the edges of my mind

The lake opened up and you were there, a mermaid of course

You came close up and whispered your universal law

I remember you said you loved me. I remember you said, you said. x2

You came along tonight to hold me tight

and guide me gracefully through my dark night

You came along tonight to protect me well

with your love so I awake with a free heart

You said you loved me x3

I remember you said you loved me. I remember you said, you said.

I remember you said you loved me. I remember you said, you said, you said, you said.

I'd love to hear from you in the comments below. Scroll down and let me know how this song made you think or feel differently.

Big love,


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