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Guilt Shame Horror - Live At Northcote Social Club

People have often used the words "epic" or "intense" to describe my music. This song slots neatly into both categories.

I wrote it one night when I could not sleep. I was being hunted by some old memories and emotions I hadn't dealt with right.

Namely; Guilt, Shame, Horror.

You might understand why I might want to avoid making contact with them. They ain't much fun to hang around with.

So, I got out of bed, scrambled for paper and pen, and in the low light of the living room table I started with the word "GUILT", then I just let the visuals of my mind flood out onto the page.

This video is quite 'rare footage', because I almost never play this song live. It's dark, brooding and intense, and not everyone is up for that, including me. It takes a lot to willingly traverse that emotional landscape. But, that's what I have to do as an artist, from time to time.

So, anyway, I lovingly share it with you here as a guided musical contemplation to help you raise your confidence to connect, experience, resolve and dissolve your own pains.

I hope it serves you in that way.

I've put the lyrics below so you can follow along.

This was recorded live at the Golden Moment album launch at Northcote Social Club.

I hope you enjoy it.


Guilt, you dig your hooks deep in me

You tie me to volatile wild-eyed horses

Every time you show me her face, lightning cracks into my chest

And the chargers tear me apart as they tear off in their separate ways.

Guilt, shame, horror and blame

It’s guilt and…

Shame, you sail your sorrows into the heart of me

You wreck me then the sinking begins, her siren song in my ear.

When she floods my nightmares, dark mountains crash in over me

And the water (becomes), the water (becomes),

the water, the water, becomes all that I can breathe

Horror, I feel your burning eyes on me

A lurking creature in the places that I like to swim

It’s a hit from the glove of Mohamed Ali

for every wayward memory.

A prison in, a prison in the shape,

in the shape that my body takes.

Now it’s guilt, shame, horror and blame.

It’s guilt, shame…

Horror. Horror. Horror. Horror.


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