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The freshly minted Golden Moment Podcast has just been launched on all your favourite podcasting apps.

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Golden Moment. It’s the name of the podcast and the name of my latest album. The name comes from my lifelong fascination with music and personal transcendence.

The idea of a ‘golden moment’ is not that life is all about creating golden moments, but that within the moments of life that are confusing, frustrating, uncomfortable, or downright painful, there is gold to be found.

This podcast is here to explore the good, the bad, the ugly through interviews with experienced artists and industry pro’s that have been on a journey, overcome many of the hurdles we face and have some gold to share with you.

I’ll also be doing episodes like this, where I’ll explore a topic on my own with you, that I believe you’ll find valuable, useful, or at a minimum thought provoking.

My intention is that through these episodes, you’ll find what you need at the time you need it and learn from others who can chart a course for you to help you through the muck and onto your own golden moment in music, creativity, art and life.

Some of the guests coming up are Icelandic musician Svavar Knutur, recording engineer working with Courtney Barnett, Callum Barter, aria award winning music producer Marty Brown, Mastering engineers adam Dempsey and Jack the bear, music video director Johan Planefeldt and many others to come.

Golden moment is available as a regular podcast. If you get curious as to what my guests look like, a video version is available on my youtube channel at

You can find any relevant links in the description or notes for each episode.

If this sounds like it might be up your alley, please take a second to subscribe to get notified of episodes as they become available. I hope you’ll join the journey with us.

Thanks for listening. See you in the next episode. Stay golden. Bye for now.

Big love,



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