Golden Moment Live @ Simba Sessions

Thanks to the amazing team at Simba Sessions of Paul and Natalie Banks for this beautiful event. Captured by Joao Dujon Pereira.

Golden Moment is the title track from my latest album. It's a call to the power of the present moment. It's a reminder that no matter what craziness is happening out there in the world or even in your head, there's gold in this moment.

When we look around at out present environment, we are almost always safe, fortunate, surrounded by people that have our best interests at heart, we have food in the fridge and more than any royal had a century ago.

Enjoy a golden moment right here, right now.

I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

What's something you like to think about to appreciate all that you have and connect with the present moment?

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GOLDEN MOMENT by Mijo Biscan

Listen to the full album here.

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