Golden Moment (Live Performance)

Here's a live performance of GOLDEN MOMENT by Mijo Biscan with Danny McKenna (Drums) and Tristan Courtney (Bass). Listen to the full album version here.


Wherever you go, there you are. Whoever you are, there’s the world.

What constitutes a ‘Golden Moment’? Is it different for each of us?

At times a golden moment might be peacefully reading on your own, where at another time it might show up as being in the middle of a massive crowd of music lovers at a festival.

It’s a moving target that takes some self-awareness.

Humans want to flee pain and move towards pleasure. We move from the blazing sun and into the shade. From hunger to tasty treat. From loneliness to the company of others and then back to lone-time. It’s an ongoing balancing act that plays out beneath our conscious awareness.

Each experience we have is not only good or bad, it’s often both. Separating from a lover: good/bad/or both? Growing up with lots of money: good, bad, or both? Growing up with not a lot of money: good, bad, or both?

This list could go on for almost every experience you have ever had. Missing the train, being denied the job, getting caught speeding.

Gold itself is hidden. It rarely falls out of the sky and lands in our laps. There is some digging involved.

The aim of the game is to stay open to the possibility that whenever we're faced with challenge, that beyond that thin veil of our current reality lies a vast open space of positive possibility too.

I know... it's sounds simple, but not easy.

The world is full of suffering. It is also full of the overcoming of suffering.

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

There is a world beyond your current reality. If you could imagine the totality of experiences you had that you previously thought were ‘bad’ and asked yourself, how has that experienced served me? What have I learned from it that has made me a better person? How can I use this experience to help others? What good came from that situation? How is this situation calling me forth to become my best self?

The gold is there. That’s not a flippant promise. It has always been found there.

Each moment is golden, sometimes it’s just beneath the surface. It’s always worth taking a closer look.


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Tomorrow is not here now

Yesterday is gone anyhow

You never step into the same river twice

Light blasts through only one frame at a time

This light and this frame is called your beautiful life

What fills your world right now, now, now?

What do you feel and what is the accompanying sound?

You only exist now and here

Who you were yesterday disappeared

Know who you are, not what you’ll be

Just be here as you are with me

Only in this moment can you be yourself perfectly

So now are you seeing every single frame?

Connect each flicker into a continuous flame, flame, flame.

This moment is golden. It’s the only thing we need.

The past and the future can’t save you. This moment can set you free.

So make this moment good. Make it the best that you’ve had.

Give it all you are. Give it all that you can/have.

You don’t have to wait any longer. You can be free right now.

Just give into it, give into it, give into it, give into it. I can show you how.

Each moment is an eternity

Each moment is eternally deep

We can set ourselves free!


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What's a moment you thought was 'bad' that turned out great in the end?

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GOLDEN MOMENT by Mijo Biscan

Listen to the full album here.

Golden Moment is the title track from my latest album called... Golden Moment.

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