Art is the most useful invention of all time.

I created this is response to Derek Sivers' latest blog titled "Art is useless, and so am I".

In our culture where usefulness and productivity are our highest values, art is seen as 'icing on the cake'. I'd like to suggest that art IS THE CAKE.

It is culture, understanding, perception, evolution of ideas.

It is:

Useful in activating all areas of the brain like nothing else

Useful in rewiring the brain for speech.

Useful in helping dementia patience regain brain function.

Useful in emotional processing of stress, trauma, etc.

Useful in helping to have a really really really good time! :)

Useful in a million other ways.

As a song writer I have realised that the way for me to be MOST USEFUL is to stop trying to help everyone else and focus on activating my natural gifts and express myself.

Picasso, Billie Holiday, Leonard Cohen and David Bowie made their greatest contribution to humanity through their art, not as website developers, advertising artists or street sweepers.

I wrote a book a while ago called "why your art matters" to raise the value of art in our society and to help artists firstly connect with the raw power of their creativity and the value of art throughout human civilisation.

I'm so happy to hear that Derek is returning to creating more music and finding the value of it again.

I recently went and spent a month in a cabin in Iceland doing nothing but making songs. The aim for me is self actualisation. Self actualisation is useful. A great quote that sums that up for me is...

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~ Howard Thurman “

If you’d like 3 of my tracks for free, pop your details in below and I’ll send them straight to you.

Big love,


PS. I really respect and admire Derek and his work greatly. He is an amazing human and has contributed a great deal to many many people. I'm thrilled that he is finding his way back to creating for the joy of it. Joy is useful.

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