Hey Missy,


I'll keep this as short as I can. Bit of a challenge, but here we go...

I'm finishing up a new record with Mr Marty Brown. It's sounding killer so far!

There's one song that I'm hearing a beautiful female vocal on. Your voice and your name keeps popping up to the forefront of my mind and the top of my wish list. I hear something soulful, emotive, honest and expressive.

I'm living in Somers and using Gotye's studio which is just a few mins from there and it would be a pretty easy thing to make a spontaneous and momentous recording come together.

Check out some of the tunes below to get an idea of what the record is sounding like and where it's headed.

Here's a demo of the track as it is at the moment. It's called 'Twin flame'. I've recorded a beautiful string quartet to go with it as well as some lush solo violin, but haven't been able to mix all that in yet. Take it with a grain of salt and please inject a little bit of musical imagination to see how it might work with your vocal in there.

At the moment I hear the duet trading happening verse by verse and a duet level beautiful harmony in choruses.

Here's the track. Lyrics below.

Twin flame - Mijo Biscan
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Twin flame

I wanna be your eyes, I wanna be your eyes at sunset.

I wanna be your breath, your deep and heavy breath at night

Our twin flame sparks when we meet

We burn up in each other’s heat. Oh we burn.


I wanna be the beat, I wanna be the beat of your heart

I wanna be your one, the one, the one, the one you dream of

The one you carry wherever you go

The one true lover you’ll ever know. You’ll ever know.



You’re the only song that I know

You’re the only song on my radio

You’re the only one for who I’d ever bleed

You’re the only blood my body ever needs


If the wind changes. If the light goes low

The waters rise, our hands slip and we let go

If I lose you for a time, I’ll hold on to you inside

Because I’m always yours and you are always mine


Instrumental: Violin solo goin' off.


You’re the only song that I’ve ever known

You’re the only song I ever pick up on my little radio

You’re the only one for who I’d ever bleed

You’re the only river filling my sea

You’re the golden light that’s setting me free

You’re the only blood my body ever needs

Here's a little 'making of' to get more of what I'm really up to.

Here are three other tracks that are pretty much complete...

You've got your life - Mijo Biscan
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Golden moment - Mijo Biscan
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Trapped fox - Mijo Biscan
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Thanks for taking the time to check this out. I hope to hear from you soon.

You can make contact with me at mijo.biscan@gmail.com or 0487 413 125.

Big love,



All music and video copyright Mijo Biscan 2017