golden moment by mijo biscan

Golden Moment is here

After a bumper 2019, Melbourne artist Mijo Biscan has revealed the fruits of his labour; his captivating and awe-inspiring debut album “Golden Moment”.


The album is a collection of 11 tracks crafted from simplistic and elegant compositions, held together by a shimmering thread that weaves a pensive and beautiful story of the human experience.

With a slew of poignant lyrics and Mijo’s stunning signature vocals, the album covers the depths of love, loss and exploration of new horizons that resonate deeply within every listener.


"The product of a songwriting expedition in Iceland, Golden Moment is deep, moving and utterly beautiful."

- Beat magazine

"Gotye , Missy Higgins, Claire Bowditch, Tommy Emmanual - just a few names of the people that Melbourne’s Mijo Biscan has been associated with over the years, but the thread between them is much more than a support slot, it's in the glorious music they create. In this album, Golden moment, Mijo Biscan positions himself among these names as a distinguished songwriter, a remarkable composer and a respected musician."

- Forte magazine

"The highly anticipated full-length release from Melbourne musician Mijo Biscan, has finally graced our ears and it has solidly met, and exceeded, our expectations."

- The Music Files

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