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free mijo biscan cd

"golden Moment"

step 2: confirm order



  1. Deluxe Golden Moment CD Package ($30) - Free

  2. Lyric Booklet & Collector Poster ($20) - Free

  3. Golden Moment Digital Album ($15) - Free

  4. Golden Moment Instrumental Digital Album ($15) - Free

  5. Instant Album Downloads - Free

Total package valued at $80 - Get it all FREE

Just cover shipping to anywhere in Australia - Only $7AUD


Remind me: Why is it $7 for a 'free' CD?

To celebrate the recent release of Mijo's brand new album Golden Moment, were giving away a limited number of signed CD's while stocks last. As part of this launch, you're also getting an exclusive music pack valued at $80.

The album itself cost tens of thousands of dollars and took 5 years to make. We're proud of it. We want you to hear it, but we'd go completely bankrupt as an independent band from Melbourne if we were to kick-in for all the postage to get it to you as well.

Golden Moment has received multiple 5-star reviews, has been given the seal of approval by multi-gramy award winning artist Gotye and is an alt-rock album you'll want in your collection.

If you're an alt-rock fan, you'll love this album. If you don't dig it, just let us know and we'll send your $7 back to square things up.

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