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Day 14

Song: Und_r_sc_re

This is a 'song' in the way that it is the underscore that is occurring at every moment of your life that you missing because of the noise that sits in the foreground.


As I have expressed many times, the silence of the cabin has probably been the greatest contributor to my creative time here. We are always seeking for 'something' to bring us knowledge, experience, answers.


Underscore is about actually removing things and distraction for the answers to be revealed. Below is a recording of me quietly reciting the poem below with the underscore of the quiet of the cabin.

You'll hear the sound of the fridge switching off, the trickle of the water radiator heater, my movement, very light guitar playing, etc.

This is not pop music. You will not hear this on the radio. Unlike pop music, this will require a little presence and effort on your behalf.

This is less a 'song' and more a moment to engage in your own underscore of your environment now.

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist



Silence is gold

It is so soothing

Nothing is moving

Completely still and quiet

I’m still breathing

Time is passing

It’s calming. I slow down.

Nothing to steal me away

Memory cinema fills me

My self rises to the surface

Enter a post card

Photograph snap shot

Look around. Explore the spaces.

Moment from multiple places

Imagine it never moves again

No return of time

Joke longer than expected

OK guys. You got me. Joke over. Come out now.

Synchronise your eyes

Continue til you realise

Mismatch of speeds

Calm your heart

Believe your eyes

Tell your body about it

Stillness doesn’t lie

Quiet has no need to hide

Let stillness become you

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