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Day 11

Song: Sifa

Demo song recorded to phone for Sifa. Sifa is the owner of the cabin where I stayed. She is the mother of my Icelandic friend Svavar, who allowed me to come and stay in the cabin. Sifa turned up to the cabin out of the blue to stay a night or two, to pick blue berries and to plant Birch trees (Birki in Icelandic). Although I initially resisted her crashing my solo time in the cabin I decided to embrace her presence and show gratitude by cooking for her, making her coffee, helping to dig holes for the birch trees, have lovely conversations, learn about Skala and the history of this area and write a song for her. Here is that song.

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist

Time lapse

Morning over Mt Skala

Time lapse

Evening over Skagafjordur

Time lapse

Moon rise over Mt Skala

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