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Thank you again for jumping on board this experience.


I have a few notes, tips and potential warnings with the content you are about to access.


The first thing is, there’s actually a lot there. That’s why I have decided to share it bit by bit so that it’s not overwhelming or starts to feel like a chore to go through, like some epic quadruple album of epicness. I want you to enjoy this experience, not give you more work to do in your life! Therefore, I will be releasing it all in four separate pieces, probably once a month.


Secondly, this is very private to me and very special. I decided to share it only with people that would invest in it and show a true interest in it and in my music. This means that I ask you to not share any of this content with anyone.


Thirdly, I want to hear from you about what you think of the music and the experience of watching this music come together. I may call upon you for feedback in the future if I decide to compile a more official release of any of this content.


Fourthly, have patience and go slow. Remember that I created this music in the environment of quiet, peace, isolation and expanses of time. In some of the content I have deliberately sped some things up to not waste your time. In other parts I have purposefully left in sections of ‘nothing going on’ to give you an opportunity to actually experience the feeling of being in that time and place. In moments of wanting things to speed up, actually request of yourself to slow down instead.


Fifthly (what a word!), thank you. As I have already expressed to you, your investment made this project more possible, but it did something more important also. It gave me a feeling of being supported in my mission to create authentic, raw, thoughtful, passionate music into the world. This feeling of support is indispensable and gave me inspiration in many moments in the cabin where I may have otherwise not continued with some of my creative work. For this I especially thank you.


Sixthly, ENJOY!


Big love,



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