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Mijo Biscan In The Cabin Of Song

is an album by Australian/Croatian songwriter Mijo Biscan that is quite literally 'off the beaten track'. Traversing the exquisite and alien Icelandic landscape as well as the depths of his own internal world, this album is an exciting adventure into songwriting, facing ones deepest challenges and then transforming that into beautifully crafted, melodic and emotive song form.


What emerges is an album of songs that is a personal, existential, joyful, thoughtful collection of music that is intimate and yet explores the universal journey of our human nature and how we react when pushing our own boundaries of what we believe to be true in this world.

Mijo does what all artists are required to do, he goes to the edge and then returns to share with us what is there.

"I got a bus to the end of the earth and then I hitched three car rides beyond into the deepest north roads of Iceland to try to get to the deepest parts of myself. I took some food, a guitar, a camera, laptop and some mics. The cabin had electricity and water, but otherwise I was left without the trappings of modern life: no internet, no phone, no TV... I gave myself no contact to the outside world. For most, this might be unimaginable.


On many of the days I went for a very long walks into the wilderness with my guitar and a camera, over mountains, into the heart of the valley, a long walk from the cabin of song where I would return to rest and record what happened out there. No one around, not a soul, totally quiet, except for the rush of the river below and a quiet whisper of wind through the grass. I lost the world and found more of myself.

I wrote and recorded 25 new songs in the cabin, took 100's of photos, video journals, time lapse of nature doing its wondrous thing. It was a very special time in my creative life and personal development.

It would be a joy to share this extremely unique human experience with you."

Mijo Biscan

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