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You'll get all the new music I release, plus bonus items from my back-catalogue, subscriber-only specials, discounts off merch/concert tickets, and access to subscriber-exclusive messages.

You'll enjoy a subscription that fuels my song-writing practice and supports me to focus on what I am truly here to do (create beautiful music that transforms something inside of you). I hope that you will enjoy the fruits of this exchange.

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As you may know, recent events have exposed the challenge that musicians are in when it comes to economic downturn. When times are good, they are good. When they turn south, musicians ability to generate an income vanishes in the very next second.

a solution that works for all

The remedy is to lay a consistent foundation of steady support through patrons/supporters/fans/music lovers/good humans in the form of a monthly subscription. I'm excited to make this happen with your help.

what you get in the exchange

To make this valuable for you, I'm offering some exclusive rewards.

Special 'subscriber only' rewards

  • My full Golden Moment Music Collection - $115 Value

  • All new music BEFORE it is officially released - $50 Value

  • Bonus unreleased tracks - $100 Value

  • Bonus demo / sketch recordings - $100 Value

  • Monthly BACKSTAGE PASS HOLDER Only Concerts - $30 Value

  • Special discounts on merchandise - $50 Value

  • Access and discounts on early bird tickets - $50 Value

  • Subscriber only exclusive messages and video updates - $100

$595 WORTH OF MUSICAL GOODIES when you claim your backstage pass



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  2. You can cancel anytime, or stay as long as you like.

  3. To get access, click the "Yes! Claim My Backstage Pass" button below.

  4. When you do, you'll immediately be whisked off to your awaiting musical goodies and exclusive good times on the other side.

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You'll get access to:

  • Personal thank-you video & social media shout-out.

  • 1 album or EP per month for six months.

  • Monthly live backstage hang outs with Mijo.

  • Access private Mijo Backstage FB Group where the cool kids hang out.

  • Access to private mijobiscan.com Backstage members area.

  • 20% discount on all merch.


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You'll get everything in Level 1 PLUS:

  • Exclusive interviews with musicians, artists I love and amazing humans who will inspire you.

  • Unreleased, alternative versions, extended cuts of recordings.


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You'll get everything in Level 1 & 2 PLUS:

  • Custom Physical Backstage Pass with your name on it!

  • A ticket to any headline show I do, anywhere in the world, anytime in the future.

  • Meet and greet before a show anywhere in the world.

  • Video of guitar tutorials of songs of mine and other songs with chord charts and easy to follow instructions.

  • Early access to new singles/albums/concert tickets/music videos/merch/anything I make.



Thank you for your support and creating a pathway for me that stretches out into our collective musical future!

Big love,

Mijo Biscan