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YOUR BACKSTAGE PASS GETS YOU access to exclusive music, private concerts, behind the scenes videos, unreleased music and more.

When you claim your Backstage Pass, you'll instantly get some music, a great music-loving community and monthly private live-streams.


You'll get all the new music I release included, plus bonus items from my back-catalogue, subscriber-only specials, discounts off merch/concert tickets, and access to subscriber-exclusive messages.

You'll enjoy a subscription that fuels my music making and supports me to focus on what I am truly here to do (create beautiful music that transforms something inside of you). I hope that as a music lover, you'll become part of our community and love it here :)


why i created the backstage pass

I'm an artist. The freedom to make authentic/real/honest music that says something is my highest value. I love being a fiercely independent artist. I'm passionate about removing all the barriers and middle-men that get between an artist and music-lovers who want to connect with each other in a genuine way.

The BACKSTAGE PASS is the purest version of this that I've been able to create thus far.

a solution that works for MUSIC LOVERS

The remedy is to lay a consistent foundation of steady support through patrons/supporters/fans/music lovers/awesome-humans in the form of a very affordable monthly subscription that is packed with great music and exclusive musical experiences. I'm excited to make this happen with you.

If you decide to become part of the community, thanks in advance :)

Big love,


choose your level of support and access

vip guest


  • Join monthly private livestream and chat. Music / Q&A / Listening Party / Songwriting ($20)

  • Music Downloads: 1 album & 1 EP - "Mijo With Lamplight" & "14 Hours". ($15)

  • Access private FB Group and Discord where the cool kids hang out between streams.

  • Backstage Pass Newsletter of new music/videos/recommendations.

  • 10% discount on all merch.

  • Immediately get ~$35 of value when you join the community at level 1.

backstage area


  • Everything in Level 1.

  • All the songs! Digital download of Mijo's full back catalogue. Includes 6 albums, 3 EP's. ($100)

  • Watch Livestream Recordings in the archive.

  • Early access to new singles/albums/tickets/music videos/merch/podcasts/anything I make.

  • Your name in the credits: Social media and end of videos or in descriptions.

  • 20% discount on all merch.

  • Immediately get ~$135 of value when you join the community at level 2.

greenroom access



limited: 8 left

  • Everything in levels 1 & 2.

  • Music Archive: Unreleased, alternative versions, deep cuts of recordings. ($50)

  • Entry to a Mijo headline show. ($20)

  • Meet & greet at a live show.

  • Name in the credits: CD's/LP's/Books/Physical Merch

  • 30% discount on all merch.

  • Immediately get ~$205 of value when you join the community at level 3.

vip room access



limited: 5 left

  • Everything in levels 1-3.

  • Music and Lyric sheets and tutorial videos of my songs and covers.

  • Free piece of merch of your choice: T-shirt, hat, bag, phone case.* ($50)

  • Lesson Signup. Request 1 on 1 lesson in Singing/Songwriting/Creativity/Career/Coaching.

  • Free entry to all Mijo headline shows. ($50)

  • Immediately get ~$305 of value when you join the community at level 4.

guest of honour



limited: 5 left

  • Everything in levels 1-4.

  • Custom piece of merch designed by Mijo.* ($100)

  • 1 on 1 private message update and sharing something I'm working on.

  • Immediately get ~$405 of value when you join the community at level 5.

the goat



limited: 5 left

  • Everything in levels 1-5.

  • Access backstage and side of stage during an IRL headline show.*

  • Exclusive video footage backstage of green rooms, rehearsals, studios, recordings.

  • Exclusive preview of early drafts of mixes and demo recordings of new songs.*

  • Birthday gift pack of either music, merch, tickets, etc.* ($100)

  • Immediately get ~$505 of value when you join the community at level 6.

* ​To claim perks with a '*', you must be a member for 3 months.

Recycled Paper

from our backstage pass community

"The Back stage Pass is an opportunity for us to set aside time to relax in our loungeroom with drinks and nibbles, while being immersed in Mijo’ sublime singing with his guitar.
We now sing a long to Mijo’s long time songs and it is a privilege to hear his latest music and plans for his gigs and to be engaged with his friends through the chat line .
We love this time and thank you Mijo for inviting  us to be part of your BSP!"
- Robyn

"I've really enjoyed being a member of Mijo's Back Stage Pass. I love Mijo's music and it's been awesome to get sneak peeks at what Mijo's working on. The monthly BSP concerts are always a fun time."
- Kevin

"Being a BSP member offers many opportunities to discover things about Mijo you wouldn’t otherwise such as covers, B-sides, anecdotes during the BSP concerts, exclusive perks, etc. I joined the BSP gang during the pandemic period and it was my light at the end of the tunnel. Spending time with the BSP gang is a great opportunity to meet people with similar values and interests because it goes much deeper than just listening to music. It is a complete and uplifting experience that I wholeheartedly recommend."
– Mickaël


"The coolest thing in being part of a muso's fan club is the genuine friendships and creating with community just by being myself.

It takes a unique person to initate this kind of thing where community interaction is valued. Writing a song together was such a random experience for me and I didn't have to think much about it... just show up. You put it all together so we can hear the words in music.

It was so much fun and amazing to connect with people who care about music and culture.

Thanks for caring Mijo and letting us be ourselves.
- En En

“I think what Mijo has done with the backstage pass is phenomenal. It takes the experience of music to a whole new level. You not only get the insight to what's happening with Mijo and his music. You also get an insight into everything from the concept and ideas for songs all the way to the release of the music and all the ins and outs of the music industry.

The BSP crew are all treated like a big family, and interact with each other like one too. One of the great things is you can be part of the family anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home, and you can contribute whatever you can afford to help support an amazing artist.

The fact that Mijo is a great bloke and it's always a fun time is also a great bonus, and all the perks you get depending on your contributions is the cherry on the cake.

If you want to be part of the journey and get a whole new experience when it comes to listening and being immersed in music and everything to do with it. Then I highly recommend becoming part of the BSP crew.”
– Matty


Thank you for your support in helping to pave a pathway forward that stretches out into our collective musical future!

Big love,




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