I wanted to pass on something I made with my friend Rory.

We went into a pine forest near the ocean, where it was crazy windy, and I played some of my songs, new and old, into the wind.

This song 'Broken Dream' was written after an old guy I knew died. I wondered a...

Lightning struck my curiosity and took me over when I heard KISS blaring out of our garage in an out-of-the-way little country town in rural Australia. There was something different about the quality of the sound. It was palpable, alive and it sounded like KISS wer...

It all actually started the year leading up to it. I distinctly remember being in my room that I shared with my 13-year-old brother Andrija. I heard KISS blaring out of the store room at the back of the garage. There was something different about the quality of the...

I created this is response to Derek Sivers' latest blog titled "Art is useless, and so am I".

In our culture where usefulness and productivity are our highest values, art is seen as 'icing on the cake'. I'd like to suggest that art IS THE CAKE.

It is culture, underst...

When I listen to Thelonious Monk, I feel his whole being, his whole life, all in the moment with him. I think that's because that's where his whole life is and that's where he lives.

I read his biography a few years back and there’s the inevitable moment at the end...

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