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Sample of mini doco in production to coincide with publicity and album launch. Music videos are in the works too.



I've been fortunate enough to perform with Gotye, Clare Bowditch, Missy Higgins, Tommy Emmanuel among many other wonderful Australian and international artists.

A brand new album is just being completed and I'm looking to build an A-team of music industry champions to help get the music out far and wide.

The songs traverse diverse moods from well crafted folk/rock gems, to a few enlivening chant anthems that are enough to incite bright epiphanies and perhaps even a mega sing-along.

Although people reference artists such as Rufus Wainwright, Jeff Buckley, Fleet Foxes and Leonard Cohen, the music brings together a bit of all of them and something else which is none of them.



Here are three tracks that are an indication of where the record is heading.

You've got your life - Mijo Biscan
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Golden moment - Mijo Biscan
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Trapped fox - Mijo Biscan
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"I've been a fan of Mijo Biscan's music for over 10 years, since seeing his remarkable album launch in 2005. I got to know Mijo better over the last few years by sharing some time together during a GOTYE tour around Europe. We get along very well and share a strong musical connection."

- Gotye

"Mijo is a very talented song-writer. Mijo's best work and his widening reputation are still ahead of him."

- Clare Bowditch

"Lots of rustic Augie March influence in this brew. Which is good, because I like Augie March a lot.”

- Richard Kingsmill, Triple J


“Moody, heartbreaking, stunning, fucking epic.”

Beat Magazine

“Fantastic haunting pop. There are Buckley-esque tones to the vocals - perfect for the soaring melodies. Lovely warm, acoustic instrumentation. Defo one for fans of Augie March, Mum, Beirut etc.”

- Dan Buhagiar, Triple J


“Lamplight (Mijo's band) and a sold-out Northcote Social Club traveled an intense nautically themed journey that was part sea-shanty, part thrash, part croon, and completely fucking breathtaking. The night saw an aggressive and vivid live beast unleashed after many months of recording.”

Beat Magazine


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I'd love to hear back from you about working together to get this music into the ears of media/press and music lovers.

Please contact me directly via email or phone anytime.

Email: mijo.biscan@gmail.com

Mob: 0487 413 125


Thanks for taking the time to check out my music. I hope to hear from you soon.