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Alt/folk/rock/lyrical pop with a beard and yellow t-shirt

"Golden Moment" live at The Simba Sessions. Scroll down for lyrics.

I like to start many of my gigs with this song for a few reasons. The main reason is that it helps me become present in the room, in my body, connect with the people who are present and connect more deeply to the truth of the present moment.


Before I go much further, I’m going to state a few bleedingly obvious things like “Life is happening now and now and now” and “The present moment is all we really have” “The past is gone and the future isn’t here yet”. However, it’s important to realise that concepts about ‘now’ and the experience of ‘now’ are worlds apart.


If you are skimming this, you are racing towards the future where you will already know what I’m trying to say, but I don’t think music and art can be appreciated in that way, nor can life.


You would never dream of skimming through your favourite songs to listen to them quicker (I hope!). We are constantly wanting to skim through life looking for only the ‘good bits’.


Performance all happens in the present moment with focus and engagement with the music.


I’m a dead man if I’m thinking “Remember how this song sucked at the last gig?” “What am I going to play next?” “Will anyone buy my merch later?”. All of that is irrelevant. If thinking is at all helpful, the only thing worth thinking at that moment is “How can I be more present and connected to this song right now?” “What is the story and emotion of this song?” “How can I best express that now and now and now?”


To be present, is to engage with life as it is right now, to its fullest depth, with who is around, with the emotions that are present, as if to awaken to your own current reality with a vivid vision.


So, when I’m performing live or even practicing, writing or recording music, my greatest super power and asset is to be completely present. If you watch your favourite artist at their best, I can guarantee you that they are palpably present and expressing their inner most world.

When you listen to this song and connect with it in the moment, where does it take you? What do you feel? What do you think about? And what do you notice?

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Golden moment


Tomorrow is not here now

Yesterday is gone anyhow

You never step into the same river twice

Light blasts through only one frame at a time

This light and this frame is called your beautiful life


What fills your world right now, right now, now, now?

What do you feel and what is the accompanying sound?


You only exist now and here

Who you were yesterday disappeared

Know who you are, not what you’ll be

Just be here as you are with me

Only in this moment can you be yourself perfectly


So now are you seeing every single frame? Every frame?

Connect each flicker into a continuous flame, flame, flame, flame, flame.


This moment is golden. It’s the only thing we need.

The past and the future can’t save you. This moment can set you free.

So make this moment good. Make it the best that you’ve had.

Give it all you are. Give it all that you have.

You don’t have to wait any longer. You can be free right now.

Just give into it, give into it, give into it. I can show you how.


Each moment is an eternity

Each moment is eternally deep

We can set ourselves free, free, free, free, free.

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