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Alt/folk/rock/lyrical pop with a beard and yellow t-shirt

"Confluence of courage" live recording. Scroll down for lyrics.

I was scared that I would be alone forever. I had a number of relationships topple, one after another. I couldn't seem to make it work, find the right person or in fact be the right person. I was living in a house on the Yarra river in Melbourne. I went for a walk with my friend Jane, down to where the Yarra and the Merri creeks converge. I've known about these two separate rivers for years. At this place and time they came together as one. It made me think that the right person I would meet would be a river that is ran parallel to my own and that at some moment in the future, after traveling through the landscape of life, there would be this natural confluence and mingling.

The good news is that I did find her, just a few streets away from where I was living.

I'd really love to hear from you. Did you enjoy this song? What did it bring up in your mind? Have a favourite line?

Please comment below and share any of your thoughts with me.

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Confluence of courage


I waited so long to really understand love

That all the good women were gone

They were taken in the arms of the well-dressed gentry

Did I miss the last train to ever come?


Thought I’d just hold off singing my magical melody

Til someone would listen to my song

But a melody is born and waiting for its perfect harmony

It withers if it waits too long


The river flows alone

Through the great unknown

It cuts through the earth

Back to its place of birth


I remember swimming naked in the river

Watching her wet crystals bend the light

Throwing flowing rainbows down onto the river stones

Remaining breathless in delight


The river moves along

Never turning wrong

It’s not left, wrong or right

She is shore on both sides


As the storm falls the river grows tall and breaks all the banks

You’ve heard the birds say “hey, your lover is just one valley away”


The mixing of the water at the confluence of courage

That’s what his journey is for

Mingling of sweet water from your lover in the valley

Now he’s not lonely anymore


As their waters swirl he’s found his girl

Their ripples grasp in tether and flow to the sea together

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