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Alt/folk/rock/existential/poetic pop with a beard and yellow t-shirt

44% funded

Compilation of songs recorded and filmed at Gotye's secret 'The Barn' studio.

It was a blast recording with these two amazing musicians. Danny the drummer has been on my radar for about a decade! Tristan the bass player has played with some great bands that I love like The Black Chords and Tiger and me.

We will lay down the foundation tracks together and then overdub more wild instruments and vocals on that to make it a lush, experimental and interesting album that is full of heart and passion for your listening pleasure.

I'd like to invite you to become part of the album making process by pledging below and help the album come to life!

Campaign ends in...

What do you think about the band sound? Any favourite moments? Interested in being part of the album project?

Please enter a comment below and we can chat about it.

Feel free to 'Share' and 'Like' this video to help spread the loooove. Thank you.  - Mijo

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