fourteen hours in a 4am freezer

The songs from this 5 track acoustic EP were written and initially recorded in an isolated Northern corner of Iceland.

Mijo stayed in a cabin on his own for a month writing songs after quitting his job, splitting from an 8 year relationship and disbanding his beloved band Lamplight.

Sparse songwriting and raw performances encapsulate this transition moment in a musical snapshot.

The songs journey through themes of adventure, heart-break, following one's path, heart healing and making the best of life when things seem doomed and melancholic.

Shortly after this songwriting journey, Fourteen Hours In A 4am Freezer was recorded in the ballroom of Villa Elizabeth in the heart of Berlin, Germany. Using two microphones to catch the authentic ambience of the room, the songs were captured in single takes with no editing or added effect.

As with Mijo's authentic approach to music making, what you see is what you get. No trickery, no auto-tune, just pure musical expression from one human to another.

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Fourteen Hours In A 4am Freezer

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